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The Cytonet Group’s management, administration and sales department are located at the company’s main headquarters in Weinheim/Germany (Baden-Wuerttemberg). Dietmar Hopp (co-founder of SAP) and family hold a controlling interest in Cytonet, together with Roche Diagnostics GmbH. These financial commitments are supplemented by public funds and help secure Cytonet’s infrastructure and capital resources. With the help of these investments, Cytonet has set up the most modern cell therapy facility in Europe. Cytonet’s manufacturing and development sites are located in Heidelberg (Germany) and in Durham (North Carolina, USA).

Durham (USA)

Cytonet is also present with its own company on the vital American biotechnology market: In October 2008, Cytonet took over the manufacturing facilities of its American partner VESTA Therapeutics, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. This is where Cytonet, LLC is based today. In the clean room facilities, which fulfill European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements, VESTA Therapeutics, Inc. had already been manufacturing liver cell preparations for Cytonet’s liver cell therapy for several years. In Germany and other countries, the efficacy and clinical feasibility of liver cell therapy to treat metabolic disorders of the liver in newborns is currently being tested in a large clinical trial (CCD02). At the end of 2010, the first American patient was able to receive treatment within the framework of the CCD05 trial.